With this online system, you show that you take emails to your organisation, serious. A customer or client deserves a good follow up of his questions. Emails are delegated and followed up. If interesting, answers are reused... and finally you can ask the client feedback of the response. In this way the helpdesk helps an organisation to make the support better!
Vanlanduyt Luk
Senior Advisor

This online platform converts emails to tickets and offers a knowledgesystem with the most answers on Frequent Asked Questions FA. 

The basic helpdesk

-1 emailadress (support@yourorganisation)
– unlimited departments
– unlimited agents
– hosted on our servers

75€ / year  (Non-Profit: 50€/ year)

The normal helpdesk

– unlimited emailadresses (support@, sales@, …)
– unlimited departments
– price is agent based
– hosted on our servers

 starts from 600€/year (Non-Profit: 100€/ year)

Our helpdesk on your server?

– unlimited emailadresses,
– unlimited departments
– unlimited categories
– hosted on your server

price is per agent/  start from 200€ one time fee for 2 agents 

  • Rich Text (Easy Copy Paste)
  • Integration with Office365, Gmail…
  • Time tracking
  • Canned answers
  • SLA
  • Categories
  • Answers of tickets converted to Articles
  • Search function
  • Converts tickets from OSticket, Spiceworks
  • Works with happyfox (Chat)
  • Converts tickets to calendar events..

We deliver implementation services and support. 

  • Intake (here we define what you want and what you can do by yourself
  • Implementation (we help to get started when necessary)

You will have a full online manual



  • Hesk
  • Faveo
  • Contabo
  • Versio

Privacy & GDPR

We take the GDPR-and Privacy regulation serious. The best is always to choose for a solution on your hosting company. But our servers are located in Europe and we follow the GDPR-rules strictly 

Internally we use the GDPR-cockpit to keep everything together

Contact & Team

We are located in Belgium but partners work worldwide.