Reasons to start with a helpdesk

“A helpdesk? We use already email to answer?

Implementing a helpdesk seems sometimes overkill? We have already email? 


  •  People get a ticket: they see that their question has arrived and “is in the system”
  • Once a mail is in the system, it stays open until you define it is resolved
  • You can delegate a ticket to the responsable for that category (department) and see what someone has answered
  • If the same question comes back, you can reuse the answer you have given earlier
  • You can use standard messages


  • You can check out when and what has been answered
  • You can easily convert your answers to a FAQ and present them in the support portal: people can check -before they mail you- if there is already a FAQ on this
  • You can check out from the reports which questions people mostly have and optimalise your way of working 
  • People can rate your answers! Try to keep them happy